Miró Everyday 40mm

We designed the Miró Everyday to be the greatest watch with reason. It’s a daily wearer for every man and woman who loves watches, and who wants the perfect companion for daily life. With sapphire crystal and high quality leather strap it stands to make a lasting impression.

Miró Classic 40mm

We are in love with watches. As much as wearing, we love designing them. The watch for us is an emotional and personal object, more than a piece to tell the time. This leads to our misson to help people express themselves, to help tell the story about who we are and where we want to go in the journey of life.

Miró Watch straps

We love the watch as an accessory, and different strap options is the key to make it complement your current mood and outfit.
Our range of  great watch straps is a great fit for not just our own watches but all pieces out there with regular watch pins and matching lug width.

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